Cigar Journal 1/2019

Prestižní zahraniční magazín věnovaný světu prémiových doutníků.

Kód: 1641
Značka: Cigar Journal
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Kategorie: Tiskoviny
Nakladatel: Cigar Journal
Jazyk: AJ/NJ
Druh: Časopis

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Prestižní zahraniční magazín věnovaný světu prémiových doutníků. Obsažené texty jsou vždy dvojjazyčně, a to anglicky a německy.

164 stran



For over 20 years, Cigar Journal has been dedicated to covering all angles of the cigar world and bringing together the global community of cigar smokers.

Our international writers and industry insiders offer up-close impressions from the unique and complex world of cigars, travel to cigar-producing countries, and interview industry power players from tobacco farmers to rollers and cigar producers – bringing these valuable insights directly to you at home.

From reports on the culture of cigar-producing countries and profiles of humidor makers to explanations of cigar science basics and industry news: the cigar is such a multifaceted creation that Cigar Journal has little room for other lifestyle themes. Cigar Journal gives you everything you thought you wanted to know about cigars, and more.


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